Product Detail


Technical Concept

SBarch is rather girder bridge than arch bridge, so it's main resist mechanism is flexural stiffness of section. steel resist tension force and conctrete (both slub and filled concrete) resist copression force. resistive moment by these couple force make the firder endures external force. it is apparent that arch effect occurs but it helps a little increasing strength of girder. SBarch behavior is almost similar to general steel composite girder. it just combines I shape an dbox shape, so it saves steel by using web area effectively according to shear force diagram.

SBarch (Steel Box girder with arch concrete)

Composite Girder with the following advantages:

  • 40-120m Span Length
  • Low girder height so that the clearance is very high
  • Reduction in steel weight
  • Reduction of vibration & deflection
  • Great appearance
  • Open type part (U shape)

Structural Performance Verification


Fabrication Procedure